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At Your Feet
              D2                     A/C#
O that I may know You, O that I may worship
             G/B              Asus
O that I may bow down at Your feet
              D2                   A/C#
All I have to offer, all I have to give You
             G/B      G       Asus
Everything I lay here at Your feet

             G2                    F#m7
Let my sacrifices, let my heart of worship
                 Em7      Bm7     Asus  A
Let the praise I lay here at Your feet
D/F# D     G2                    F#m7
Be a holy fragrance in this sanctuary
Bm7           Em7   G/B    Asus  A
Only You are worthy of my praise

  G2     Em7    Asus  A
I worship    I worship
  G2     Em7    Asus  A        D2
I worship    I worship   You, Lord
Artist: Vicki Yohe
Copyright Credits: Album: He's Been Faithful CCLI Song #: 4247249 Written By: Michael D. Popham & Regi Stone Copyright: 2003 TayKen Music / Experience Worship Music