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Can I Stay Here Forever?
Can I Stay Here Forever?
Capo 4 

Through forgotten convictions
Misplaced affections
          G                                   Em  
I'm losing the sound of Your voice
I've been chasing after emptiness
Trying to tidy up this mess
    G                                                 Em  
I swear Iíve been down this road before
  G/B                                                 D
I want to get back to where it all began
                         G                   Em   A
When I would long for only You

D                      A/C#                       G
Like a child I'll take You at Your word
                                       Em                     Bm
As these mountains of doubt, they fade away
                         A                              G            D
I'm longing to trust and love You more
                              A/C#            G
So for me this is beautiful
A brand new thought, and a brand new world
                              A                        G 
Can I stay here forever here with You?

I've lost sight of what first drew me
To the love that pursued me
The joy that inspired my song
The friendship that was all I knew
The arms that I would fall into
Seem miles and years from where I am today
I got to get back to where it all began
When I would wait for only You

Can I stay here forever
Here with you?
Surrounded by Your mercy
Clothed in Your truth
Always, I'll stay
Always here with You

Can I be here forever
Here with You?
Can I know what it's like
To deeply love You?
Always, Lord, let me stay
Always, here with You
Artist: Starfield
Copyright Credits: ©2004 Birdwing Music / Starfield Publishing Designee / ASCAP / Admin. by EMI Music CMG Publishing