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Intro: F#m7sus, E, F#msus, E

Verse 1:

 D2          E              C#m      F#msus     E       D2
  There is no one who is like You, You stand alone as God
 D2           E               C#m       F#msus        E       D2
  All the earth will bow before You, They'll see You as You are
And Your people sing

F#msus     E/G#     A2       Bmsus    A2     G
Jesus       is the Lord, who reigns forevermore
F#msus     E/G3     A2          D2
Jesus       is the Lord, He reigns, He reigns

Verse 2:
 D2         E            C#m      F#msus     E             D2
  Heroes tremble in Your presence, Kings forget their crowns
 D2             E             C#m   F#msus       E        D2
  Mountains shudder at Your whisper, nations fall face down
And Your people sing

F#msus -- 202200
E      -- 022100
D2     -- xx0230
C#m    -- x13321
A2     -- x02200
G      -- 320033
Bmsus  -- x24430
E/G#   -- 422400
Artist: Acquire The Fire
Copyright Credits: Album: Battle Cry: Worship From the Frontlines Written By: Michael Gungor & Rob Gungor Copyright: 2005 Vertical Worship Songs